Flag of Thailand

One small step: Thailand!

28 days later I packed my stuff, grabbed my wife and moved to Thailand. UPD: Chose Vietnam in the end. Oh, man, it’s fantastic! I swim twice a day and eat shrimps. But what should I begin with?

I begin the story with the most important thing smile. Thailand is said to be the land of thousand smiles. I guess that 1000 smile is the average amount for one/two week tourist. 9/10 Thai people will smile you. But if you smile first 99/100 Thai will smile you in replay. Very nice girl is working in local store and she is literally smiling like this every time:

Ciel smile

I mean it! Her eyes are closing to such smile ^__^

Your bad mood changes to good at once, and when you come to another country where it is not usual to smile every time you have a feeling that all people have chosen the dark side.

Thais like the other Asians distinguish dozens of smiles. One is for greetings, one for apology, another for delight an so on. It is one more source of contact information that can tell everything you want without words. But it can be a lie detector as well.

In any unclear situation - Smlie!

But there is another side of it. Thais will smile you at any time even if they don’t understand what is going on or even if they hate you. They will not tell you about it and continue to smile sincerely just using appropriate type of smile. And we won’t understand it. But I prefer not to think about it since it happens not so often. Imagine at least how friendly, kind, calm and fun people live here. If you behave well and sincerely smile all 1000 of thai smile will be from their hearts!

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