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First day in Thailand

I wanted to write something about our life in Thailand but I couldn’t choose one specific theme. That’s why this article will be formed as list filled with everything I could remember from my first impression of Thailand and some photos.

  • You know what person first feel in Thailand? It’s damn hot here! The heat is soooo hard. It’s like you’re smoking in the kitchen near stove where pot and soup are boiling and pancakes are cooked. The oven has cooking pie inside and all kitchen windows and doors are closed.
  • The first step of course was made at the airport. It’s relatively new airport Suvarnabhumi. It’s really big! Half a million meters! One of the biggest airport in the world.
  • Oh Chinese! Chinese – is another story. They are everywhere and there are too many of them! Every excursion, show, border run will always be connected with Chinese. Of course they are ok but they just love traveling more than others I guess. Or maybe it just more Chinese in the world than others. Travelers always want to leave them behind. We didn’t manage and got stuck. We thought we would live at the airport. Forever.
  • There are a lot of other foreigners here. Most of them are well dressed – colorful clothes, tatoos, beard and so on.
  • Later is passport control. Everything is quite civilised. Staff is very nice and friendly. Everyone wants to help. When we were choosing one of 100500 exits, very nice man found out that we were Russians and told us where to go to meet our group.
  • Then it was bus to Pattaya where we choose to stay. The road wasn’t so interesting except high way roads and palm trees.
  • Pattaya is one of the biggest tourist centers that consists of bars, restaurants, go go, coffee shops, hotels, guesthouses, markets, shopping malls and so on.
  • Sometimes it is mixed with poverty and slum.
  • Then we checked in a hotel, got acquainted with geckos, said hello to trans lady on reception and went for a walk.
  • There are a lots of jellyfishes at the sea. They always bite. It hurts and scratches. We couldn’t swim there and used swimming pool.
  • A very new thing for us was small shops on wheels. Sometimes they came to hotel and sell very cheap food, drinks and clothes.
  • Another new thing for us was songthaew – the main type of public transport. Jump into it, have a ride and then pay. For some reason people call them tuk tuk that is not correct. But it’s ok. Everyone got used to it.
  • For private transport people use motobikes.
  • Everywhere are shrimps, noodle, pancakes and other food. Almost everyone eat on the streets or in coffee shops.
  • Many things here is really cheap.
  • In tourist areas there are a lot of sellers. Everyone always wants to sell you something. They make price high so you always should bargain.
  • There are a lot of Russians here. And most of them are not so nice and friendly.
  • Thai language for me is some mix of japanese and klingon languages.
  • It’s getting dark at 6 o’clock. And there is only one star at the sky.
  • You’ll get used to drink alcohol again here. The main problem is that after one glass of beer the temperature of body rises and you begin to sweat so much.
  • Yes, Thai girls are beautiful.
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