Independence Palace – portal to USSR

The most attractive croissant crab on the map of Ho Chi Minh City is nothing else but a park area of the Independence Palace. This is a historical building, a building-museum in the center of the city, with a rich history. This building passed several wars, was rebuild and now it is open to the tourists. I visited it and I liked it. Gonna share.

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One small step :: Vietnam!

Just started third year of my wandering life. I travel around Southeast Asia. I have been to Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines. I visited Hong Kong. I wasn’t allowed to go to Taiwan, lol, actually not lol. I came back to Thailand about five times. I stopped blogging. But I didn’t stop to play video games. I got divorced. I finally left Thailand. And now I have a new love – Vietnam! So this is my small step to Vietnam.

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