One small step :: Vietnam!

Just started third year of my wandering life. I travel around Southeast Asia. I have been to Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, the Philippines. I visited Hong Kong. I wasn’t allowed to go to Taiwan, lol, actually not lol. I came back to Thailand about five times. I stopped blogging. But I didn’t stop to play video games. I got divorced. I finally left Thailand. And now I have a new love – Vietnam! So this is my small step to Vietnam.

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Post review of Another World: Anniversary Edition

Played Another World. Liked. To be honest it is really cool and interesting, but more like going to a museum or the zoo. It is interesting to see how the games were made before and grumble that nobody works hard on them now. Blinding eye to the game shortcomings of course, appealing to it’s age. Epic game after all!
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